Thank you, Sint Maarten!

Today was our last day at sea here on this friendly island, tomorrow we will be flying out to The Netherlands! It has been a rather salty four months here in the Dutch Antilles and I got to see some amazing animals, I found a temporary pet named Dyson the Southen Stingray, a new nemesis named Murray the Moray eel and I also picked up a few pretty important sea and watermanship skills!

Dyson the Stingray
Photo by – Martijn Schouten

Apart from basically living on and under the sea, this island has a few really special landmarks like the French fort and the little streets of Phillipsburg, let’s not forget the beautiful locals and their strong soca spirit!

Fort St. Louis

I am so excited to write a story about this place and what we got up to here!

We will be in Holland for a week from Tuesday and then we will be off to Cape Town for a little while before starting the season in The Azores.

I will never forget you St Maarten, and thank you will never be enough Daniel, Elena and Blackie!

Blackie Chongalolo

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