Some stories and an itinerary.

Hello! and No, I did not boycott this brainchild of mine!

We have been living on and under the sea, the past few months and I can not wait to write a story about this little island and its ocean!

Dyson The Southern Stingray, I wish that I could turn him into my pet.

We only have a few weeks left here in St Maarten and then we will have quite a few flights to catch! We are heading back to The Netherlands for a few days then to Cape Town and from Cape Town, we will head straight back to Pico island! I am so excited to head back to Cape Town and squish the daylights out of everybody after 11 months of being away from home!

Our itinerary will be :

  • 14 May – 21 May – The Netherlands
  • 22 May – 10 June – Cape Town
  • 11 June – N/A – Pico Island,Azores ( We will be working there for the season)
Just another day in the office for the Schoutens!

Until then, we are going to enjoy and soak in the last little bit of time here on this friendly little island.

One last thing, I wrote a couple of stories! You can click on the hyperlinks if you would like to give them a read.

What it means to be a dive professional

a Look into the industry and why I love what I’m doing so much!

Princess Alice

a Day with the Devil Rays on this magical speck in the middle of the North Atlantic.

I hope that you enjoy the stories and have a great week!

Happy days at sea

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