We went on a hike!

Up a hill…

Yesterday morning, while we were having coffee and deciding what to do for the day, Marty came up with two suggestions: One was to go for a freedive and the other one was to go and check out the “hill” behind the house. I had the option of either going for a freedive (which is one of my favourite things to do!) or go for a hike, something I struggle to find joy in. Hiking it is! I guess I got amnesia since my latest hiking episode in Spain.

As we approached the hill I already started questioning my skills in decision making and asked myself: why I always advise others to “make good choices” yet, I can’t make any good ones myself?

To Marty, it’s all fun and games!

After huffing, puffing and getting creative with profanity we made it to the top! (Marty handled it with grace, by the way.) I sat down in the middle of the pathway for a bit just to cool down, lick my wounds and figure out if I am brave or if I am just one big sissie when it comes to hiking.

Little Huffer puffer
Questioning my Morals

I got over myself and we made our way back down to town. I tried to work out why do I keep going back to hiking even if it’s just a hill when I know I’m going to get impatient with myself and regret it within the first few meters up.

Eventually it became fun and games to me too!

I want to like it and enjoy it, I guess it is just something way out of my comfort zone and it’s not an everyday/every weekend thing for me. It’s not my thing at all but I still do it. I guess it’s my way of challenging myself and breaking out of that “comfort zone and routine”.

I will most probably not remember that very wise and philosophical paragraph above when I get myself on a hike again! In the end, it was worth it and the sigh of relief when we got to the bottom and the jump in the pool afterwards was so rewarding!

I hope that you all have a happy week and go and find some adventure in it!

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