Hello from St Maarten!

(We are on the Dutch side)

If you haven’t met Blackie on my Instagram Stories, Meet Blackie!

Gosh, I have not been on here in a really long time! Reason being, it was Christmas and then new years and then I turned 26 and it was time to get packing for the Caribbean..it was nuts and exciting all at once!

I finally got a gap to climatize, settle down and get back to writing. Just as I got ready to get editing some photos of St Maarten – Lightroom crashed on me. Someday I am going to win with Adobe. Maybe not today or next week but hopefully someday!

The Selfie at the top will do, for now.

I wrote some fresh stories!

I wrote an Ode to 2018

2018 deserved it so much! It was truly an amazing year and so far 2019 is running just swell! I’m feeling rather shiny on the inside, Imagine swallowing a glitter pill, that is what it feels like to be a Mona. (I do have tough days too)

I finally wrote about Texel island!

It’s such a great little spot to hide and catch a break, it is turning into a yearly tradition to go there and we just never get tired of that place!

And last but not least, a Sprinkle of Spain.

Spain was so awesome and I have always wanted to visit Spain, I am really looking forward to going back someday and to see some more of that country!

How’s about that Sunset?

I also just wanted to say one last thank you to everyone in Holland! It was my first Christmas, New Years and Birthday away from My Cape Town and every single person made me feel so welcome and so loved!

Especially to Majlis, Marty’s mom for always making me feel like one of her own, and for letting us stay there and mostly for all of the cups of tea and stories. Thank you will never be enough, you are a true gem!

a self-timer family portrait

Alright, that will be all for now. I will have some more stories next week, I am setting a reminder to write so that I don’t fall behind and to avoid a busy blog post like this one!

Don’t forget to drink your water, and wear sunblock!

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