What has been happening?

The cows on Texel island

Hello Darling ones!

With a super late blog post come two fresh stories! The cold weather here in Holland made me reminisce sunnier days in Mozambique and Turtle time in Tenerife (you can follow the hyperlinks added to go to the stories). The best thing about writing is that when I finally get going on a story I get to realize how lucky I am and how full my heart is.

In some more current news – It is raining cats and dogs here in The Netherlands but it helps me write! We just got back from a great weekend on Texel island and Texel island is always a great idea! Texel island is like a tradition to us, it is a small island up north in Holland and if you are not from Holland I doubt that you will know about it. a Story about Texel will be up very soon! 

We are in serious need of some sun so we will be heading to Spain in a little less than a week!! “Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo” I am so excited, I have always wanted to see Spain! 

That will be all from me for now – If you are waiting for an appointment, waiting for a flight or a bus , having a coffee , or even sitting on the toilet -please go ahead and give my stories a read? I have also figured out how to add a follow button , it is situated right at the bottom of this blog post, so don’t be shy! 

Take care and go find five things to be grateful for ! 

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