How does this work?

This photo was taken by Marty in the forest behind the house!

Hello there world! 

Welcome to the blog! I am just writing this blog post to explain to you how “Where’s Mona?” is going to work. I am really excited to get it running as I have been building it bit by bit over the past few months.

The blog page is to keep everyone current on what has been happening and on what is going to come up! I am going to try and keep it to a weekly post and maybe more.

The story page is for longer reads, the intention behind it is for you to come visit it with you first cup of coffee in the morning or with a glass of wine once you get home in the evening. It’s a space to share photos and creative expression . What you can expect from it is My stories , what I do , where I’ve been and mostly things that are really important to me.

We are currently in The Netherlands at Marty’s moms house after a very busy season on Pico Island in the Azores! Holland is freezing but I am so excited to be back here! 

“Where’s Mona?” is still very new and needs some filling up, so there are still some small changes and adjustments to be made. I’m so excited! 

Have a beautiful day wherever you are!


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