Who’s Mona ?

Photo taken in Mozambique by Martijn Schouten

Before you wonder where I actually am, it would probably be smart to tell you who I am first!

I grew up in a tiny coastal town called Gansbaai,South Africa. Skipping school and spending all the time that I can sneaking to work with my mom to either be in the water , on Shark diving boats with my uncles or on Whale watching boats with my gem of a Grandfather .  I am extremely proud to say that I grew up in a family of Marine biologists , conservationists , divers and fishermen. Each and every single person in my family plays a vital role in the girl I got to grow into today. 

Apart from salt water pumping trough my veins I am extremely passionate about Writing , Art , Culture , Travel and most of all people. After being set free from High School I moved to False Bay to work for my uncle at Shark Explorers, oh boy did that place change my life! I met my husband there about 6 years ago (You will still get to meet Marty on here) and a few months ago we decided to move to Europe!

This is why I started this blog, a tribute to my Family and Friends back in South Africa who I love and miss dearly. On here you will get to read about the world through a South Africans eyes. 

I hope that you enjoy your visit here and now you know who Mona is!